An Easy Wine Pairing List For Everyone

No need to whine, we’ve got the perfect wine pairing list!

We all love a good wine and charcuterie board, am I right? But do you know how to pair wine, fruit and cheese together for the best flavor pairing? If you think you might know, but aren’t sure, keep on reading (hint: you won’t be disappointed). Whether you’re a dry red wine or a sweet white wine lover, we’ve got a match up for you in this easy wine pairing list for everyone.

Wine with fruit and cheese boards can be versatile for many different occasions and can be so fun to put together! It can be the perfect date night idea, great for a ladies night in, or for that next event you’re hosting. It has the ability to feed all flavor profiles while also being so simple and easy (especially when you have a killer guide like this one to help!).

Now on to the part you are all waiting for – the wine pairing list!

White Wine

Sauvignon Blanc

Pair with crisp and refreshing Green Muscato grapes that give you the perfect amount of sweetness and Asiago cheese with Soppressata for a splash of savory flavors. YUM!


Pair with Candy Sweet grapes, which literally burst with sugar! Along with Gruyere cheese and Coppa Salami, making a fantastic combo.


Popping the bubbly just got better with Teardrop grapes, Havarti cheese and Prosciutto – your taste buds will thank you later!

Red Wine


Pair with Black Muscato Grapes that give you an explosively juicy taste matched with Muenster cheese and Cappocollo creating the perfect blend of flavors!

Cabernet Sauvignon

Couple with Red Muscato Grapes, which have a floral sweetness to them, matched with Edam cheese and Pepper Salami for a blend of classic flavors.

Cabernet Franc

Pairs nicely with Moon Drop grapes, which have a unique elongated shape to make any platter a show-stopper. Also mix with Roquefort cheese and Mortadella for a scrumptious combo!

Don’t worry, we have a guide to let you know when each variety of grape is in season and how to tell which one is which too, linked here!

a labeled wine pairing guide with Melissa's Grapes, Cheese and Meats