How to DIY Crepe Bar

Are you in search of the perfect do-it-yourself, easy-as-can-be brunch idea for an event or holiday you have coming up? This how-to DIY Crepe Bar is the answer for all your mother’s day brunches, bridal parties, birthday celebrations and more! Crepes are so versatile and can be made sweet or savory and served as breakfast or dessert. All of your guests will be able to create an explosion of flavors that they want and create a memorable and fun food experience.

The best part of this brunch idea is that our ready-made crepes make this DIY crepe bar even easier! All you have to do is prep the toppings, set up the bar the way you want it, and throw the crepes on a plate. Our ready-made crepes are neutral in flavor and will take the taste of whatever the person making it wants. For an even easier process, we’ve put together some delicious flavor combinations as inspiration, but you can re-make your crepe bar with anything in your fridge! If you even need a little bit more inspiration for your DIY crepe bar, check out the 17 best crepe recipes on the internet!

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Sweet Toppings


tree-ripened mangoes


dragon fruit

clean snax


coconut flakes


nut butter

chocolate sauce

crepe recipe, brunch idea, savory recipe

Savory Toppings






hollandaise sauce