Your Go-To Resource for All Things Thermomix

Photography courtesy of: Thermomix

Lynette MacDonald is your go-to resource for all things Thermomix, so we’ve taken the time to sit down with her and get schooled on how we can take our produce picks from Melissa’s to the next level, from the kitchen to the dining table, with this new-age kitchen appliance.

MacDonald’s role as the corporate education and culinary development manager for the last four years at Thermomix has made her an expert on this gadget. According to MacDonald, the Thermomix TM6 can perform up to 22 different functions and techniques in one digitally powered countertop appliance. New cooking modes include thicken, rice cooker, slow cooking, high temperatures, sous vide and fermentation. With the touch of a button, you can substantially save time, eat healthily and cook effortlessly.

Couple Lynette’s product knowledge with her culinary experience, and you’ll be rethinking your counter space setup. MacDonald’s passion for cooking in today’s world of modern technology spans globally. MacDonald originally trained and taught at Le Cordon Bleu in London before moving to Australia, where she owned and operated a notable restaurant and reputable catering company. Thinking beyond the Thermomix, we also just wanted to tap into Lynette’s culinary skills and see produce from her perspective.


Q: As you know, we are obsessed with all things produce at Melissa’s. Can you talk about some of the culinary functions and techniques that lend themselves to fresh produce?

Lynette MacDonald: Just about everything we do uses produce. We love Melissa’s because we can find exotic fruits and veggies from all around the world, as well as everyday items. We primarily use our Thermomix to prepare and cook our meals or make smoothies, salads or drinks.

Q: What are some standout recipes you’d recommend from Cookidoo, the official Thermomix recipe platform?

LM: One of my favorites is the pulled pork recipe, I am also in love with our new keto collection as the pounds seem to fall away when one is on it.

Q: I love that the Thermomix website touches on 2020 food trends. What are some fruit and veggie trends we should keep on our radar?

LM: I do love my finger limes, which are like tiny balls of lime caviar; I am adding them to my gin and tonic instead of lime, and, voila, you have a fantastic drink.

Q: What are some popular fruits and veggies globally that you don’t see as much in the US?

LM: Finger limes, rambutans, jackfruit, durian, dragon fruit, cloudberries, sloe berries, alpine strawberries, mangosteen, samphire, and one of my favorites, Australian jap pumpkin.

Q: What are some fun things you could create with Melissa’s Sapūrana Mangoes in the Thermomix?

LM: Mango chutney, mango daiquiri, mango lassi and green mango salad.

Q: How can the Thermomix help people be more conscious consumers?

LM: Thermomix cuts cooking and prepping time down considerably. You can make so much stuff from scratch, so you cut down on waste.

Q: What’s your favorite plant-based recipe to make with the Thermomix?

LM: Oooooh so many: cauliflower rice, mashed potatoes, vegetable curry, gazpacho and wild mushroom risotto.

Q: How would you use Melissa’s Dutch Yellow® Potatoes in the Thermomix?

LM: Mashed potatoes. This past weekend, we cubed and steamed Melissa’s Dutch Yellow® Potatoes and made a wonderful Persian potato salad. Then, on Monday, we did the same thing but made a Hawaiian potato salad.

Q: Can you share with our readers what ‘varoma’ is and how to cook with it?

LM: Varoma means vapor with aroma; this is a wonderful Thermomix steaming function that you can use to gently steam fruit, vegetables, meat, fish or poultry. You can add stock to do your steaming, then turn that into soup or use spices in your steaming liquid, giving you mountains of flavor in whatever you are steaming. You can also multi-layer cook using the Varoma function and steaming basket so that you can cook your entire meal all in one go, it’s incredible.

Q: How does the ‘Test Drive’ Thermomix program work for those that might be interested in familiarizing themselves with the product before they commit to the purchase?

LM: Our Thermomix consultants can come to your home and give you a full cooking demonstration, or we are running cooking classes in many cities all over the USA, which you can attend for free.

For more information about the Thermomix, please visit thermomix.com