What’s All The Hype About: Plant-based Tropicals

Why plant-based?

A lot of times when you hear plant-based you think of veganism. However, the word “plant-based” has become more of an umbrella term for a variety of diet styles. Many people claiming they are plant-based use it to indicate they either solely consume plant foods or mostly eat just plant-based. But there are also people who say they are plant-based and still consume a certain amount of animal-derived products. There are even some people who are whole food plant-based, meaning they consume foods closer to their natural state, rather than overly processed products. As you can see, “plant-based” has more or less become a vague way of telling people you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. No harm in that!

Now let’s talk about why people lean towards a plant-based diet and what that implies. Did you know that 1 pound of beef requires between 2,000 and 8,000 gallons of water to be produced? (UCLA, 2020) Eating a plant-based diet reduces carbon emissions, waste byproducts, and water usage. Many see plant-based diets as the most sustainable diet due to its low use of energy, and water during production (FoodBevMedia, 2020). Not only is eating plant-based better for the environment, but it also supports animal welfare and better treatment of non-human animals on this earth. And last but not least, eating plant-based is overall the best diet for your personal health. There is a lot of research out there stating the health benefits of plant-based and how this diet can improve one’s immunity as well as other bodily functions.

And before you jump right into the Impossible and/or Beyond burger trend you might want to rethink these alternatives. While eating one of these alternatives is better than consuming an animal-derived burger, eating whole foods serves as a much more nutritionally satisfying alternative to eating meat. Not only do these alternatives lack nutrients, but they also are highly processed and are more flavor focused over health focused.

It’s time to get into the fun part of plant-based eating, THE FOOD! (Click photos to purchase items online.)


Sweet Young Coconut

What better way to celebrate summer than to highlight the topics that we’ve had our eyes on all season long! Let’s begin with the staple item for summertime fun: Sweet Young Coconuts. Originating from Thailand, Sweet Young Coconuts are a year-round fruit. These coconuts are six to ninth months old and lack the husk more mature varieties carry. When taking care of this fruit, store in the refrigerator up to 14 days. And don’t be intimidated by the exterior of this fruit, check out our easy to use coconut opener, making enjoying coconuts that much easier.  The taste of Sweet Young Coconut is just like its name, sweet. You will be delighted by the light and refreshing taste of this coconut, along with the tender flesh inside. We think the best way to consume these coconuts is to simply drink the juice. However, if you’re feeling adventurous there are many coconut recipes for delicious cocktails!

Tropical Avocado

Another fan favorite, our Tropical Avocados! Unlike any other avocado variety, these fruits are smooth, refreshing, and water-based, making them lighter compared to others like the Hass Avocado. Coming from the Dominican Republic, these water-based avocados are year-round supplying you with perfect avos whenever you crave one! When deciding how to select one of these gems, remember they stay green throughout, and choose one that has a little give. Leave your fruit out for a few days, then store in the refrigerator. Enjoy these avocados sliced in salads, blended in smoothies, or just alone with some lime!

Sapúrana Mango

Look no further because the quest for the perfect mango is over! These mangos are available year-round through sourcing multiple varieties, all of which bless us with flawless fruit whenever! The Sapūrana Mango is fiberless, cuts like butter, and is super sweet. These mangos are pre-conditioned, meaning we give Mother Nature a small nudge and ripen these fruits to perfection! Whether you slice these mangos up, put them in a smoothie, or blend them into a jam, you will never be let down by the quality and taste of this fruit.

Tai Nung Papaya

Many people don’t think of papaya when they think of tropical fruit, but papayas are one of the most underrated fruits out there! Tai Nung Papaya are sourced from Mexico, is year-round, and has a consistent flavor containing a high sugar content. When selecting this papaya look for green skin with a bit of yellow coloring and feel for a bit of give. Papayas are super cleansing and hydrating the body. Many people slice their papayas, others create yogurt bowls out of them, or you can put them in your smoothie a refreshing touch!


Now to one of the biggest names in the plant-based industry: Jackfruit. Our Jackfruit comes from Mexico and is here year-long! Jackfruit is big in size carrying large seeds inside its sticky yellow flesh. Many say its scent reminds them of the gum brand Juicy Fruit, others say hints of mango, pineapple, and banana are what they smell. Either way, jackfruit serves as a favorite for many. Although known for its super sweet flavor, jackfruit has become a staple in the savory department for plant-based eaters around the world! Dishes like pulled pork sandwiches are getting swapped for pulled jackfruit sandwiches, replicating the same traditional flavor minus the meat.

If you’re still yearning for more information on these hot topic Tropics, click here to watch our fun and informational webinar all about these 5 delicious fruits and why we can’t get enough of them! Having trouble finding any of these fruit in-store, don’t worry you can purchase them online at our website for easy delivery with guaranteed quality.


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