Dragon Fruit Lemonade

Dragon Fruit lemonade is the thirst- quenching tropical treat your taste buds have been waiting for.

Dragon Fruit Lemonade | An easy and refreshing twist on lemonade that makes a great mocktail or punch drink for a summer party!

The Dragon Fruit is an exotic cactus fruit that has a delicately sweet and mildly acidic flavor, reminiscent of watermelon, cactus pear, and kiwi. All Melissa’s Dragon Fruit plants flower at night and emit a jasmine-like fragrance. The fruit itself is round and its exterior ranges in color from a hot pink to red. The interior color of dragon fruit ranges from white to pink to magenta. All three types have tiny, edible black seeds (very similar to those found inside Kiwi.)

Some of us like sweet lemonades full of sugar, while others enjoy tart lemonade full of acidic lemon flavor. The delicate sweet flavor of Dragon Fruit mixed with the sweet-tart deliciousness of your favorite lemonade creates magic in a glass. While Dragon Fruit  availability is limited, as it does not grow well in winter cold or summer heat, Melissa’s Dragon Fruit is available year-round. The melon-like texture of this highly prized treat makes it ideal for blending in drinks as well as using in sorbets.

You can even add your favorite adult beverage to make this a cocktail fit for your dreams, after all it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. Skipping the booze? Don’t worry! This delicious drink is just perfect as-is!

Get your dose of #FreakyFruits in with this tasty libation that will transport you to the tropics any time of the year.

Dragonfruit Lemonade | An easy and refreshing twist on lemonade that makes a great mocktail or punch drink for a summer party!

Dragon Fruit Lemonade

Prep Time 5 mins
Total Time 12 hrs 5 mins
Servings 4 liters


  • 4 Melissa's Dragon Fruit peeled; rough chopped
  • 2 cups Your Favorite Lemonade
  • 2 1/2 quarts Your Favorite Lemonade
  • 1 cup Fresh Mint Leaves


  • Place the dragon fruit and the 2 cups of lemonade in a blender and purée. Transfer the mix to a 4 liter pitcher and add the 2 1/2 quarts of lemonade. Bruise the mint leaves with the back of a knife or by clapping it between your hands and add to the pitcher. Stir well and refrigerate overnight. Strain out the mint leaves and stir. Serve over ice and garnish with fresh mint. Makes 4 liters.
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