Cotton Candy Grapes 101


What do they taste like, you ask?  Well, believe it or not, the name says it all.  These sweet green grapes taste just like cotton candy!  But, how can it be?

Over the years, The Grapery® has conducted a wide range of experiments that led to a wide range of breakthroughs. The Grapery® team feeds their vines meticulously with organic-based fertilizers and compost. Unlike many others, we use drip irrigation so we can supply the precise amount of water and plant food.

Their unique and sometimes surprising flavors are the result of innovative farming techniques combined with all-natural breeding practices. They start with grape varietals that have been developed over years of natural cross-breeding, then raise them in fields cultivated under ideal growing conditions. Finally, they let their table grapes mature on the vine until they have reached their perfect flavor–whenever that may be– before harvesting them. This means that each variety is selectively harvested several times throughout the growing season. It’s a tall order, but to achieve our incredible flavors nothing less will do.

These must be GMO, right?

Actually, Cotton Candy Grapes are Non-GMO.  The Grapery® states, “We work hard to breed our grapes naturally over time and to develop innovative, sustainable farming techniques that create exceptional and amazing flavor. Our all-natural best practices ensure a unique taste experience without the need for additives, infusions, or GMO. So when you try our grapes, you’ll always enjoy a distinctive, delicious flavor. Nothing more. Nothing less. It’s in our nature.”
Alright, I’m in… Where can I buy Cotton Candy Grapes?
For a map of the US, identifying states and stores where you could find Cotton Candy Grapes, Click HERE.   If you are still having trouble finding these grapes, you could always order them from us and we will ship them to your door.  Here is the link to order online: http://bit.ly/cottoncandygrape
If you missed them this year and don’t want to miss out next year, here is a handy chart that you could use for reference.  Cotton Candy Grapes and Witch finger grapes are grown in Kern and Tulare counties in idyllic California.  Keep in mind that the crop is dictated by, Mother Nature, so give or take a week or two for these varieties to become available.
Have you ever had Cotton Candy Grapes?  Tell us about your experience in the comments below


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