A Visual Guide to Grapefruit

Grapefruit comes in many different shapes and sizes.

There is nothing wimpy about grapefruit’s flavor profile. Although the assertive tartness seems to have been somewhat tamed over for years by an increased amount of sweetness in several varieties, they still have a good degree of wake-up perkiness, and fewer seeds, too.

Grapefruits are excellent “beauty-from-within” fruits, containing a form of lecithin shown to help strengthen skin and, of course, concentrated amounts of vitamin C, needed for the body to produce and maintain healthy collagen. The antioxidants found in grapefruit are also known to prevent essential tissue damage.

different types of grapefruitDifferent Types of Grapefruit Include:

Fragrant and refreshing Ugli Fruit has a delicious grapefruit-tangerine like flavor. Extremely easy to peel and easy to segment, Ugli Fruit makes it fun to mix up your citrus routine.
Juice and enjoy
Segment into salads
Marinade fish or chicken

Ugli Fruit Inside2. PONDEROSA LEMON
These kitchen workhorses are a favorite of chefs and home cooks alike. Each one of these giant citron-lemon hybrids contains about twice as much juice as a regular lemon, with the same flavor. Perfect for all your favorite lemony treats, like
Lemon meringue pie
Lemon bars


Perhaps the most famous grapefruits of all, Texas Ruby Reds have the classic grapefruit flavor Americans known and love, sweet but tart, bursting with juice, the taste of a relaxing Sunday morning.
Enjoy as part of a balanced breakfast
Juice and drink as is or mix with fizzy water
Zest for sauces for fish and chicken

ruby red grapefruit

This lovely grapefruit-pummelo hybrid’s name translates to “White Gold.” Its flavor, sweet, tart and refreshing, is a prize indeed, and its elegant pale yellow flesh makes it a beauty on any plate.
Serve in a salad with avocado, fennel and almonds
Make ginger snaps with fresh ginger and zest
Juice and infuse with fresh mint leaves


Imagine the grapefruit of your dreams…barely tart with no sugar needed!You’ll love the clean, sweet, refreshing flavor of this pummelo and mandarin hybrid.
Enjoy a plain low-cal breakfast
Whisk juice with mustard and oil for salad dressing
Make a sorbet, sherbet or granita

cocktail grapefruit6. VALENTINE PUMMELO
The ruby-tinged flesh of these special pummelos brings to mind blood oranges in both looks and flavor. Imagine a grapefruit with a richer, deeper flavor, highlighted by slightly spicy notes.
Juice and reduce to a syrup with cinnamon and cloves
Peel, thinly slice and make a cornmeal-upside-down skillet cake
Serve segments in a red fruit salad with strawberries, grapes and more

Don’t turn away just because this large pummelo and grapefruit hybrid isn’t pink! Whether the outside is green or yellow, this low-acid fruit has lots of flavor and will eat sweet.
Drizzle halves with honey, broil and serve warm
Marinade shrimp and seafood