A Visual Guide to Bananas

When you think about bananas, you’re probably unlikely to think about all the different kinds there are, right? Most don’t even know the kind of banana they buy at the grocery store weekly is called a cavendish. Which makes up almost 95% of all bananas sold! Can you guess the most widely known fruit all over the world? You guessed it, a banana! However, the different kinds available to us is beginning to be showcased all over the produce department. Although they all look pretty similar in color and shape, other than the red ones of course, they all taste deliciously different and that is what makes them so special. That’s what this easy to read visual guide to bananas is here for, to give the 411! Including plantains, red ones, baby ones, and the classic cavendish!

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Banana Varieties

Red Bananas

Year-round availability

Floral with a slight raspberry flavor and creamy white flesh

Eaten raw when the skin turns a very dark red-brown

red banana, banana

Baby Bananas

Year-round availability

Also called ‘niño’ or ‘lady finger” bananas

Extra sweet and perfect personal size for kids

baby bananas


Year-round availability

Large in size and starchy – Ripen from green to a dull nearly black color

Cooked at all stages in dishes from savory fried chips to sweet mashes



Year-round availability

The most widely used and classic banana variety

Ripen from bright green to golden yellow as they ripen

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ideas for using bananas:

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Coconut Sugar Caramelized Plantains

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Simple Plantain Chips

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Banana Sushi Rolls

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Flourless Banana Bread

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Chocolate Banana Ice Cream 


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