7 Simple Jicama Recipes That Are Full of Flavor

How to Make Jicama Fries

Watch out potatoes – there’s a new sheriff in town! Jicama is a funky and interesting root that has became a healthy substitute for many fan-favorite potato recipes. Jicama looks like a potato on the inside but is crispy and juicy like a pear that’s firm. It also tastes sweet and starchy like an apple and can be compared to many fruits and vegetables but more often than not takes place of a vegetable. It gives you the perfect crispy and refreshing flavor that you’re looking for, while also being low-carb.

Jicama is known to have a high water content and be low in calories, creating a low-carb substitute in many different recipes. Although it can also be eaten raw, known for it’s delightful flavor in salads or even eaten out of hand. A few fun facts about Jicama is that it is high in Vitamin C, aiding in the reduction of inflammation. This root is also great for digestion, with a high water content and fiber content it can be very easily digested. These are just a few of the great nutritional benefits you get from jicama, not to mention the flavor and versatility of this root is off the charts. You can slice it into chips or fries and bake it, chop it up into your favorite soup or stew, and can even spiralize it to be a noodle-substitute!

Low Carb Crispy Seasoned Jicama Fries
Jicama Fries-2
Chile Lime Jicama and Cucumber Salad by It’s A Veg World After All

Asian Chicken Jicama Taco

Vegetarian Asian Jicama Tacos-9

Low Carb Jicama Breakfast Skillet by Goodie Godmother
Golden Gut Baked Jicama Fries by Eating Bird Food
Jicama Breakfast Hash by Unbound Wellness
Jicama, Apple, and Pomegranate Salad with Raspberry Dijon Vinaigrette by An Edible Mosaic
Chorizo and Chickpea Harissa Stew with Spiralized Jicama by Inspiralized