Zero Waste: 7 Ways to Use the Whole Citrus Fruit

Too much citrus in your kitchen? While that sounds like the most ideal problem to have, it’s still a problem because we don’t want any citrus going to waste! But before we dive into how not to waste citrus, let’s talk about ways you can use it before having to preserve it.
When cooking with citrus, the majority of the time you are using it to help create refreshing flavors amongst heavier and greasier foods. For example, using a spritz of lemon on some creamy pasta will help elevate the flavors and bring a nice acidic touch to a rich dish. Or if you’re cooking fresh salmon, nice lemon slices help complement the fishy flavors and creates amine salt, which is the mixture between amines and citric acid. The ways of using citrus while cooking are endless. Now let’s jump into how to preserve citrus to reduce food waste.
Whether you picked up some meyer lemons from the store or received a produce package filled with citrus from our website, there are a plethora of ways to use your citrus. With these 7 methods on how to use the whole citrus fruit, there will never be a citrus fruit that goes to waste in your kitchen! (CLICK PHOTOS TO LEARN THE HOW-TO)

7 Ways to Use the Whole Citrus Fruit


Dehydrate Citrus Peels

Citrus Salt Blend

Citrus Cleaner

Preserve Whole Fruit

Candied Citrus

Citrus Extract

Lemon Zest Ice Cubes