Melon Pairings Made Easy

Have you ever thought about pairing fruit with bacon? Or how about corn? Those are a few pairings that don’t come to the mind when you think about what to eat with fruity aromatic melon. However, similar to adding salt to your watermelon, these pairings help bring out sweet flavors that are hidden within the fruit. And with summer coming, being prepared to hydrate and satisfy your thirst with refreshingly sweet fruit is a must. What better way to kick off the sunny day season, than to create the ultimate snacking experience-grazing boards. This guide will help you become the master of grazing boards this summer and give you some ideas on how to think outside the box.

Melissa’s Melons have high water content to keep you hydrated while tasting delish, especially during summer when they are in their prime season. Not only are melons tasty by themselves, but when paired with savory counterparts and sweet compliments, their flavor is taken to the next level. This is exactly why we knew we had to share some of our favorite melon pairings to help you help yourself!

These fun pairings are the answer to summer entertainment while keeping it simple yet very fun, they immerse your taste buds into a world full of flavors. And while you might be used to the average honeydew or watermelon, we want to expand your produce horizon and expose you to some of our favorite melons for this summer. With these melon pairings, you will have exactly what you need to gain excitement at your next summer get together!

Finally, let’s get to the best part, the melon pairing list!




Honey Kiss Melon + Fig & Balsamic


Crenshaw Melon + Mozzarella & Basil


Asaki Melon + Honey & Fig


Hami Melon + Tamarind & Honey


Golden Kiss Melon + Blue Cheese & Bacon


Gaya Melon + Prosciutto & Basil


Orange Flesh Melon + Cilantro & Cucumber


Yellow Watermelon + Feta & Mint


Charentais Melon + Pistachios & Burrata


Casaba Melon + Bacon & Corn