8 Refreshing Aguas Frescas (PHOTOS)

8 Refreshing Aguas Frescas to Keep Cool this Summer

Aguas frescas, Spanish for fresh water, is the best beverage choice for the hot Summer months. In Mexico and all over Latin America, agua frescas are sold by street vendors throughout the cities and towns during the spring and summer months, because of the availability of fresh fruits during these months.

Typically made with fruits, grains and seeds, aguas frescas also include water, sugar and sometimes herbs or spices — but that’s pretty much it. They’re simple to make at home and you can easily tweak a recipe to your liking by adding soda water or even alcohol, like rum or tequila.

Here are some of our Agua Frescas, now show us some of yours!  Post a link or photo in the comments below.


Strawberry + Lime + Mint Agua Fresca


Mango Agua Fresca and Watermelon+Basail Agua Fresca


aguas frescas with orange and blueberries
Orange + Blueberries Agua Fresca


Orange + Lime + Parsley Agua Fresca


Refreshing Orange + Mint Agua Fresca


Basil + Raspberry + Lemon Agua Fresca



Raspberry + Lemon Agua Fresca